Core practical- B10 Reaction Times


Materials needed

  • a metre ruler 
  • a chair 
  • a table
  • any further equipment needed depending on the factor you are changing.
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  • Work with a partner to do this test. Choose who will be person 1 and who will be person 2.
  • Each of you should use your dominant hand to do this experiment. If you are right handed then your dominant hand is your right hand.
  • Person 1 sits down on the chair, with good upright posture and eyes looking across the room.
  • Person 1 puts the forearm of their dominant arm across the table with their hand overhanging the edge.
  • Person 2 holds a ruler vertically with the bottom end (the end with the 0 cm mark) in between person 1’s thumb and first finger. They will tell person 1 to prepare to catch the ruler.
  • Person 1 catches the ruler with their thumb and first finger as quickly as possible when it drops.
  • Record the number on the ruler that is level with the top of person 1’s thumb.
  • Have a short rest, then repeat the test several times.
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