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Gordon Ramsey

- started life as a football professional in Glasgow

- Injury led him into food industry by accident

- Started off as a commis chef working in Scotland

- Moved to London at the age of 20 to develop skills and knowledge

- Worked with the tempermental Marco White

- After 3 years decided to look into french cuisine

- Went to London to work for Albert Roux

- Invited to work in France working with Michelin star chefs Guy savoy and Joel Robuchon

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Gordon Ramsey Two

- Took up head in London with Marco White

- Since then his empire, expanded now onws 12 restaurants across the world

- Only one in three chefs to get three micheli stars

- Television break through was in 2004 Hells Kitchen

- Fiery temper and uses lot of expletives

- His style of cooking id based on chefs he worked with

- Not a lover of vegetarian food

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Delia Smith

- Started off as a cookery hairdresser before moving into cookery as a washer upper in London

- Moved onto waitressing before being aloowed into the kitchen to cook

- She began to research food ; inparticular cookery books in he British museum

- Practised recipes wit those she was living with in Harley Street London

- Came into the food industry by journilism being a food critic for the daily mirror

- Wrote her first book on cooking 1971 'how to cheat at cooking'

- Later a food coloumnits for radio times

- Moved into television, having persued the BBC to let her run a programme 'how to cook'

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Delia Smith continued

- Numerous Tv programmes since

- best selling cookery author

- So well known in the home a common phrase is ' the delia effect'

- Traditional English cook loves traditional basic cooking

- Influences on her cooking are the recipes books she read at the British museum

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