the pill

combined pil

99% effective

How it works

the combined pill contains progestrone and oestrogen. it works by stopping ovulation and the fertilised egg implanting in the uterus wall 


  • it does not interfere with the sex act. if the side effects occutr
  • it can be easily removed and they will stop almost immediatly.
  • it can be relieve premenstraul cramps


  • there may be side effects; headaches, spots,weight gains, depression and breast tenderness        
  • forgetting to the pill will render the meathod ineffective                                                               
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male condom

Male condom

98% effective

How it works

This is a barrier method of contraception. A thin rubber sheath is placed over the erect penis and collects the seman that is ejaculated during sexual intercourse. This prevents the sperm and egg meeting. 


  • the man can take responsibility for contraption 
  • it can protect from STIs


  • it can only be used once 
  • the thin rubber can split and the sperm can be relesed and possibly result in pregnacy.
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99% effective 

How it works 

a small device is placed into the uterus by a doctor or trined expert. this device is made of copper or plastic and can stay in place for up to three to ten years. it prevents pregnacy by stoping the egg implanting in the uterus.


  • it works as soon as inserted
  • stay in place for ten years 


  • periods may be heavir longer or more painful
  • the IUD can move or fall put 
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