Context for The Great Gatsby

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The First World War

Américas industrial production had drastically increased resulting in an economic boom of 1920s
European conflict July 1914- November 1918
America had joined in 1917
Also known as the Great War

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Jazz Age

Popular musical genre of the day reflects spirit of rebelliousness and pleasure seeking
Reaction to the end of World War One, end as the era
F.Scott Fitzgerald major chronicler of Jazz Age

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Unlawful supplying of alcohol is 'boot legging' (source of Gatsby wealth)
1920 and 1933 there was a ban on making and selling alcohol
Alcohol is consumed throughout the play

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New York

By 1920s New York became major commercial and industrial city, using the latest and advances in engineering.
Immigration made it racial and culturally mixed
Focus novel on individual stands out in mass society of the city

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Forward in technological innovation

America began to increase in mass production

Telephone and automobile modify social behavior impact on communication/travel

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