Themes for The Great Gatsby

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Nature and artifice

Modern urban life creates artificial environment

Daisy and Myrtle gave names of plants

New world garden often associated by begging Eden, in the lost paradise in the Bible

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Reverse the passage of time

Jay Gatsby Ian kitty to accept consequences of time passing, that is heart of the tragic story

Reference to history, recollection and physical aging

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Individualism and classless society

Wealthy Americans cling to class distinctions, exclusiveness and old societies

Gatsby has prospered through individualistic resourcefulness and has behaved illegally in the process

America rejects notion of fixed social classes, seen as barriers to individualism

American society has been built upon self-reliance, resourcefulness and initiative of the individual

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Power of advertising

American advertising industry developed in early 20th century using techniques of persuasuion

Gatsby advertise himself through possessions parties

Growth of mass production and market production

America rejects the notion of fixed society/social classed that is a barrrier to individualism

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