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During the Renaissance many believed blacks are for slaves

Othello behaves as stereotype of an lustful murderous black man when he is corrupted by Lago

In renaissance drama black men portrayed negatively othello is the first black hero.

Othello is racially an outsider in Venice but Shakespeare shows his noble origins and power/status as merchant general

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  • power
  • romance
  • high culture
  • othello x desdemona love match


  • villainy
  • decadence
  • corrupt

Isolation and threats to Cyprus symbolize Desmenona and othello

Military setting for play about marriage shows the conflict that othello has to face.

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Assertive women were considered a threat to society (desdemona)

Renaissance women were subordinate to men and were ruled by them (legally women were possession to men)

Emilia (assertive) was portrayed positively not always seen as a threat

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Dramatists explore evil through sexual corruption

Villains are often cynical atheists who use others for their own ends

Renaissance and Jacobean plays focus on tragic consequences of doomed loved and racial experiences

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Lago has atheistic attitudes

Othello has converted to Christianity and shares those values

Desde mina is linked to good through the use of references to heaven. Lago is linked to evil through references to hell and the devil.

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