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How technology could solve resource problems

Technologies uses:

  • Technology can be used to invent new fuels such as hydrogen which can be used to power cars (Ford- Edge)
  • To make products that can run on less power
  • It can be used as Boserup suggested to make agricultural advances such as GM crops
  • To extract currently unreachable oil
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Global Food supply


  • More people want unseasonal food all year round, leading to more food miles meaning more pollution and a larger carbon footprint.
  • Farmers switching to comercial farming as there is more money availible, which reduces the amount of food availible for local people meaning that they have to import food.
  • People buy fairtrade food from abroud to support poor farmers which increases food miles and means local food is not bought.
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Renewable resource: They renew without needin to be managed by people

Example: Wave and wind 

Non-renewable resource: Cannot be remade once they're gone they're gone.

Example: Coal and oil

Sustainable resource: Will last if they are renewed and managed by humans

Example: Wood

Energy resource: anything that can be used as a source of energy

Mineral resource: Natural resource in the form of minerals

Biological resourec: living resources 

Example: plants and animals 

Physical resource: Natural things that exist and can be used

Example: Rocks or coal

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