Consumer Rights- Topic 9

Consumer Protection Acts

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legislation to protect the consumer

What does the Trades description act 1968/1972 do to proetect the consumer?

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There are 3 main aspects to this act:

  • The goods must be of satisfactory quality - the goods must meet the standards that a consumer would expect. it shold take into account the description , the price and any other relevant information. The goods must be free from faults.
  • The goods must be fit for purpose - the goods must be fit for any specific or particular purpose . If the goods do not comply they must be repaired , replaced or the money refunded.
  • Goods must be as described - goods should match any descrption applied to them.                                                                                  

The sale of goods act also applies to second-hand goods.

It protects the consumer by ensuring that the goods are sold for the purpose claimed or shown on the packaging. They are protected from inferior quality items as they have to function correctly for a reasonable amount of time.

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Legislation to protect the consumer

What does the Sale and supply of goods act 1979/1994 do to protect the consumer?

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When a seller describes the goods to the consumer, the consumer must not be mislead in any way about :

  •  the type of goods
  • the price
  • quantity
  • manufacture
  • the way it has been tested

Consumers are protected because the description of the goods must be accurate and outrageous claims cannot be made about them.

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Legislation to protect the consumer

What does the food and drugs act 1955 do to protect the consumer?

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This act ensures that food and drugs are :

  • Named and labelled correctly
  • Produced in quality and hygeinic conditions

This protects the consumer form being sold food which is unfit, stored or prepared in a dirty environment or is not as described.

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Legislation to protect the consumer

How does the weights and meaures act 1963 protect the consumer?

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This act ensures that the weight of a product bought is accurate.

It protects the consumer from goods being sold in incorrect weights and sizes.

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Legislation to protect the consumer

How does the consumer protection (distance selling) regulations 2000 help to protect the consumer?

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In todays society many of us buy goods and services using the telephone , fax, mail order, catalogue, internet and shopping channels on digital TV.

The consumer in protected by law if the goods do not turn up , or if you do not like them once you have had a chance to look at them .

This act states that you should be given

  • clear info about the order and the trader
  • a cooling off period
  • protection against credit card fraud
  • protection against demand for payment of unsolicited goods
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Consumer rights when using a service

How does the supply of goods and services act , 1982 protect the consumer?

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This act requires a supplier of a service to carry out that service with reasonable care and skill, within a reasonable time and to make no more than a reasonable charge.

If a supplier of a service  breaches the conditions of a contract , the consumer has a choice  to either claim compensation form the trader for his failure to carry out what was agreed or to cancel the contract.

Any goods supplied in the course of the service must be:

  • as described
  • satisfactory qualtiy
  • fit for purpose

if they are not, the consumer is entitled to a repair, replacement or compensation.

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