Constantin Stanislavski

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Jan 18th 1863 - Constantin Sergeyevich Alexeyex in Moscow (son of a rich industriain)

  • He had singing, ballet & acting lessons from a young age. With regular visits to the theatre and opera.
  • BY the age of 14 he was acting in performances at the family estate where his father had built a theatre.
  • After his education he entered the family business, whilst also having a semi-professional career in theatre.
  • At this time actors were very low status.
  • Adopted the stage name 'Stanislavski' to hide his preformaces from his family.   
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1884 - Began vocal training where he explored the co-ordination of voice and body.

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1885 - studied for just over 2 weeks at the Moscow Theatre School where students were encouraged to mimic the theatrical conventions of their tutors. Stanislavski was disapointed by this approach.

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1888 - used the surplus profits from his family's factory of the prvious year to fund  the 'society of Art and Literature'. By this time he was a well know ameteur actor.

  • 8th Oct - The schools at the society opened.
  • 3rd Nov - Society itself was offically inaugurated.
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5th July 1889 - married Maria Petrovna Perevostckikova (stage name Lilina) with whom he had just co-starred in Schillers 'Interigue and Love

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Feb 1891 - Stanalavski's first fully-independant directorial work. Production of LEo Toistoy's 'The Fruits of Enlightenment'

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22nd June 1897 - Decided to establish the 'Moscow Art Theatre' with Viadimir Nemirovich - Danchenko as a protest against the artifical theatrical conventions of the lat 19th century.

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1898 :

  • October - Moscow Art Theatre opening production. Alexey Toistey's 'Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich'.
  • December - MAT preformed Anton Chekov's 'The Segull'. crucial milestone for the fledging company. Gave the MAT its sense of identity. A segull is to this day the company's symbol.
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1992 to September 1924 - MAT travelled in Western Europe and USA.

1924 - Stanislavski's book 'My life in Art' published in the soviet union. 

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1928 - diagnosed with Angina. Went to Nice to recover. There collected his notes to create the system. Did not return to Russia untill 1930.

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Early 1930's he published 'An actor Prepares' - fictional diary enties life of drama student. Book that contained earliest system. Tortsov is director in it.  

Later wrote 'Building a character' developed more on previous work. More about delth etc.

7th August 1938 - Died in Moscow

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Todays effect - Acting is naturalistic.

Made learning how to be an actor much easier for actors. set out a way to act.

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