consolidation of power

what methods hitler used to stay in power.

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Reichstag Fire

The Reichstag building's destroyed by fire:

  • Probably arson by dutch communist lubbe.
  • exploited by the Nazis to show the threat form the communists.
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Emergency Decrees

  • Issued by using article 48.
  • Gave secret police the right to hold protective custody with no evidence.
  • repress the KPD.
  • Remained in force throughout the third Reich.
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  • used radio, police and unofficial pressures to intimidate opponents.
  • Voter turnout 88.8%.
  • Slogan 'The battle against marxism'.
  • Only get 44% of the vote Nationalist got 8%.
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Enabling act

  • Passed by Reichstag.
  • Give emergency powers to government for 4 years.
  • Hitler could pass decrees without the presidents involvement.
  • But needed a 2/3 majority.
  • Passed by 441 votes to 94.
  • Renewed in 1938.
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Law for the restoration of professional civil serv

  • Involved people such as Jews, and Political Opponents.
  • These people were no loonger allowed in courts, schools and universities.
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Law aganist formation of new parties

  • KPD&SPD already banned.
  • Other parties dissolved themselves.
  • No new parities allowed so Germany became a one party state.
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Concordat Agreement

  • Churches banned from political activity.
  • Government to protect religious freedom.
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Reichstag Dissolved

  • Reichstag dissolved on 14th Oct.
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Law for the reconstrustion of state

  • Local Goverment overthrown by SA volence goverment appointed commissioners.
  • Elected state assemblies dissolved.
  • Nazi Gauleitrs created to run state.
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Night of the Long Knives

  • ** shoot many SA leaders and anyone seen as a threat.
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Hindenburg Dies

  • Hindenburg dies and hitler combinds both channlor and president using the enabling act.
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