Consolidation Of Power Not-Using Violence

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Genuine Support

Hitler had backing from Upper Middle Class

Also farmers - Hitler promised agriculture ad said peasants as racially pure 

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Hindenburg Death August 1934

After Hindenburg died Hitler combined Chancellor and president becoming Fuhrer.

Hitler began rearmament and brought back conscription 

This was in return army agreeing to serve him

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Enabling Act March 1933

using SA and ** Hitler intimitaded Reischtag into passng this act

Gave him power to pass laws without consulting Reischtag 

This gave Hitler virtual dicatorial powers

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Mein Kampf

Hitler was able to spread his word whilst in prison about the Nazi party

The Nazis and Hitler grew massively in support whilst Hitler was in jail

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Hitler appoints Goebbels 

They use posters, leaflets, radio, films, rallies

People heard Nazi messages throughout streets and at homes 

Books against Nazi party were burned - book burnings took place 

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