Conservation of the Ecosystem

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Human Activities

  • Monoculture farming 
  • Overharvesting 
  • Pesticides/insecticides
  • Pollution 
  • Alien species
  • Noise pollution 
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Monoculture farming

  • When only one type of crop is planted
  • Depletes the soil of nutrients and leaves soil infertile
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  • Overharvesting - depletes resources faster than it can replace what is being harvested
  • Kills animals that depend on that plant for survival
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Pesticides/Insecticides - poison used to kill pest

It also kills plants and animals in that ecosystem

Damages the soil

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Gases from factories or carbon emossion from cars pollutes the air

Water evaporates and collects these gases into the clouds and it comes back as acid rain

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Alien species

Introducing exotic species of plants to an area creates competition with local plants for food, water and living space

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Noise pollution

When humas maike noise by chopping down trees or playing loud music

It scares the animals in the area and they forget to reproduce

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