Consequences of development

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Consequences of Development

  • despite the fact that poverty in the developing world is decreasing (except SSA) the gap between the rich and poor continues to groq
  • certain countries e.g. Uganda, Ethiopia, are impacted more
  • certain people are impacted more e.g. women; race and caste systems influence this too
  • rural areas tend to suffer most but there is also rising poverty in megacities e.g. Lagos, Bangalore, Mumbai
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Consequences of Development

Population living on less than $1 a day graph:

  • East Asia and Pacific numbers in poverty decreasing because of rapid development in e.g. Japan
  • Middle EAst and North Africa remaining low because they are reasonably developed already e.g. from trading oil and relatively stable/small population
  • Latin America and the Caribbean consistent because of stable economy and reasonably low because of income from e.g. tourism
  • Sub-Saharan Africa numbers in poverty, on less than $1 a day, remains consistently high because they are unable to develop due to debt etc
  • South Asia poverty numbers improving because of increase in tourism (Singapore) and industry (clothing in Bangladesh) and more political stability (less conflict with Vietnam) - not decreasing as steeply as East Asia and Pacific - beause rely on tourism and development/income increase doesn't happen as quickly with this than with undustry
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