Consequences of Youthful and Ageing Populations

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Youthful: Positive

  • Large workforce available for economic growth
  • Less money spent on care for the elderly as children are able to look after their parents
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Youthful: Negative

  • Economic strain as government try to provide education, healthcare and food
  • Curable childhood diseases are widespread and can result in early deaths in LICs due to lack of resources
  • Due to huge demand education in many LICs is not free so many can't afford it resulting in lots of unqualified workers and beggars
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Ageing: Positive

  • Many elderly people volunteer their time and expertise for free eg. work in charity shops
  • Elderly people have more free time so jobs are created in the leisure and tourism industries
  • Unemployment rates drop
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Ageing: Negative

  • Governments struggle to provide adequate pensions due to less working tax-payers
  • Increased demand for expensive support services and healthcare
  • Large amounts of land are used for housing due to increasing demand
  • Money spent on education may have to be cut to finance the elderly
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