Conscientous Objectors and Cultural Change


Conscientous Objectors and Cultural Change

Wartime Change

Conscientous Objectors

Conscientous Objectors were people who were unable to go to fight in the war. This could be down to social, moral or religious obligations or maybe even personal problems. Conscientous Objectors would have to face a tribunal to fight their case against conscription with a large chunk of these being rejected by these tribunals. The conscientous objectors were heavily shunned by society and a women would present them with a white feather, a sign of cowardice. It took a long time for them to be accepted by society and for them to be 'pardonned' and a memorial went to them recently.

Cultural Change

The cultural chane during the war was vast because there was essentially no real sense of culture anymore. Most people were restricted by terms of alcohol and speech cencorship however, war poems became increasingly common from artists like Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen.

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