Conflict - Christian Views and the Just War Theory

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Different Types of War

  • Conventional War - 2 different nations with uniformed armies
  • Civil war - 2 'factions' (groups) fighting from one country
  • Guerrilla Warfare - a type of civil war where one country tries ton change or influence the government.
  • Terrorism - use of violence, often against innocent civilians, between 2 different groups differring in religious r political aspects
  • Nuclear War - Use of nuclear weapons within war
  • Chemical warfare - use of chemical weapons within war (e.g. mustard gas)
  • Biological Warfare - use of biological weapons i.e. weapons containing living organisms, usually used to spread fatal disease. 
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The Just War Theory

It must... started and controlled by the authority of the STATE ...have a JUST CAUSE - those attacked must deserve it. ...promote GOOD and/or avoid EVIL. Peace & justice must be restored                after the GOOD GAINED by victory is greater than the evil which lead                to war. the last RESORT ...not result in innocent CIVILIANS lives being lost. Only enough force to    achieve victory should be used. possible to WIN the war. Smiling Jolly Cats Grow Every Good Gerkin Round the City of Wall

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