empathic towards nature

hates death/conflict

symbolic of good, adopts a christ persona

death reflects the sacrafice of jesus

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"chaffinches fluttered around him."

comparison with st francis of assis "fulttered" shows calum's gentle caring nature

depicts calum a saint like charcter

callym is not threat, conflict with him is unreasonable

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"a face so beautiful an guilesless to be a diabolical joke."

oxymoron draws attention to idea nature has been cruel to calum

inward nature shown in beautiful face more important than his outward appearance

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"it was a small wooden doll, naked, with a comical red cheeked face;one leg was missing."

connotations of childhood and innocence

broken doll symbolic of the destruction of innocence, foreshadows the destruction of calum

reminds us of calum, a beautiful face but deformed

duror accuses calum of filth that he would have been unable to comprehend. perhaps the acts he accuses calum of where in fact carried out by himself.

these secual acts are the **** foreshadowed at the pier in lendrick

reminder roots of duror's problem are sexual

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"Calum fancied he was resting in the heart of a enormous flower."

this imagery suggests Calum is like that of a cherub resting on acloud, despite his deformities it depicts as becoming one with nature. It also exemplifies his internal goodness

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"He stroked the branches and to his gentle hands they were soft as petals."

similie appears contradicting as literally bark would feel rough. image instead suggests hands are caring reflecting his inner character; warm, open, non-judgemental, able to see the goodness and softness in everything natural.

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"He saw in his imagination the birds huddled in branches far lower than this one on which he sat."

Calum's positioning is symbollic of that of a God-like figure, looking downward from the heavens with a gentleness.

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"He became an owl himself."

Ironic as Calum is hunted throughout by the predator, Duror, that he should imagine himself as a predator. Perhaps a metaphor for Calum's desires to esape and become free from his deformed body in which he feels trapped.

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