concerto examples

the concertos in the classical and 20th century period how they changed and examples to support that.


Baroque examples

Handels concerto grosso op.6 no.2 in f major

  • first composer to establish cadenza which has other ideas heard in the piece

bach brandenburg no.5

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Classical examples

Beethoven piano concerto in C minor

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Romantic examples

Beethoven piano concerto in Eb

Mendelsshon violin concerto

weber's concerto stuck for piano and orchestra

  • movements strung together to create one piece
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Romantic examples continued

mendelesshon piano concerto in G minor and D minor

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20th century examples

strauss horn concerto

Gershwin piano concerto in F

  • explored other 20th century styles (jazz)

bloch conerto grosso no.2 for strings and piano

  • use of concerto grosso

Motorbike Odyssey or Trombone Concerto

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20th century examples continued

max bruch violin concerto in Gminor

  • movements linked together

berg violin concerto

Rachmaninou piano concerto no.3

stravinsky dumbarton oaks concerto for fifteen instruments

  • use of conerto grosso
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