Computing F452: Testing

Main points to revise from in the testing part of computing

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Black Box

  • Only concerned with inputs and outputs, not how the program works
  • It tests if the program produces expected outputs
  • Ideally you test every possible input to program- but that is impossible
  • Consequently, it is necessary to group similar inputs and test the representative value
  • A successful test means assuming other values in the group have been tested
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White Box

  • This tests the algorithm and checks it all works as intended
  • Identifies and tests every possible route/path
  • For each test run the path execution is noted for comparison
  • Paths consist of numbers and lines of code that are executed
  • Paths are determined by the values of conditions in construct
  • Useful to note if the condition was True or False
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  • It takes place within the company producing the software
  • Employees test the program as if they were potential users
  • At this stage, not complete, there will be bugs
  • Restricting number of people allows for swift replacement with updated versions
  • It takes longer than Beta testing
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  • It takes place after Alpha
  • Software is now very similar to final product
  • Released to potential users outside company
  • Testing takes place in actual conditions it would be used in
  • Useful because users ma find bugs the company did not expect
  • Beta testers report constructive feedback about features of program
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  • Demonstrates to end user that software works correctly
  • Shows desired features implemented
  • Itakes place after other development and testing are complete
  • Software is tested against requirements agreed between developer and end user
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