Computerised Production


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Computer Aided Design.
Using a computer in the design stages of a product.
To construct research, documents, charts and designs.

For example;
Internet used for research.
Word for questionnaire.
Excel to chart up data.
Prosketch to design.

Less waste,
No artistic skill needed,
Scaled work drawing,
and electronically saved. 

Training to use programmes,
If the computer fails, the work is lost. 

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Computer Aided Manufacturer.
Using a machine in the manufacturing stages of a product.
To cut, sew and stich pieces together ect.

For example;
Embroidery machine used for decoration,
Fabric printer for patterns,
CA weaving for constructing,
Sewing machine to stitch pieces together.

Make large quantities,
Less human error,
Less breaks (for employees),
Change thread easily.

Software expires,
Powercut causes everything to slow down,
Training workers to use machinery,
Expensive to set up. 

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Computer Integrated Manufacturer.
Using a system to control all individual machines.

System monitors the progress,
Machines are controlled to do a certain job,
Less human error,
Less employees to pay. 

Software expires,
If the system fails then so do the machines,
Less production = Less sale,
Time consuming to set it all back up. 

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