Computer Science Revision Areas

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  • User Access Levels - Different users can only access certain files
  • Firewalls - stops all access to/from the WAN which doesn't the WAN
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  • Range check - Y < X < Z, is X greater than Y but less than Z?
  • Check digit - checks that a range of numbers have been entered in the correct order
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Flat File Database:

  • All of the data is stored in one table, however data redundancy may have occured

Relational Database:

  • The data is spread over many tables, which means that redundancy is less likely
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  • Entity - A real world object about which data is stored in the table
  • Foreign keys - link one table to another table
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Forms & Reports

  • Form - An input screen allowing chosen data items to be displayed/editted
  • Report - An output of a DB, a snapshot of the data given at a time
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Features of DBMS

  • Application is seperate to the database
  • Can run queries
  • validation is carried out on the data
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