Comprehension advice

A few skills to tackle the comprehension part of the exam.

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How to start

  • Read the instructions
  • Then read the writing you'll be answering questions on
  • You could be asked about media, leaflets, travel writing, writing from other cultures and traditions or even a biography.
  • Always read the questions properly before you answer them. Remember to adress every part of the question too.
  • Depending on how many marks are offered, give yourself a set amount of time and try your best to stick to it. Questions holding most marks need more time.
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  • Summarising means giving the main points of a passage in a limited number of words - always stick to that number.


  • If you're asked about language, it means the way the author writes - the kind of words and the mood they create.


  • Presentation means how the passage looks - whether it has headlines, photos, illustrations etc. Think if it's meant to look entertaining, informative or both.

Refer to the passage

  • Write about the passage and keep mentioning it all the way through your answer in order to support your points.
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Terms 2


  • Compare is all about looking at similarities and differences, it's gives the essay depth and is a key skill.


  • If you're asked to look for ideas, write about what people in the passage think - especially the person who wrote it. The viewpoint of the author.
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