Composite Materials

Fibre – reinforced polymers (FRP)

For example carbon fibre - reinforced polymer, Kevlar - reinforced polymer and glass - reinforced plastic. These are composites that are made by combining a woven material, such as carbon fibre, with a polymer resin and a catalyst to make a strong lightweight material.

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Fibre – reinforced composite

A material that is made up of resins and fibres. Can also refer to materials such as reinforced concretes, where reinforcing rods (fibres) have been added to the mix

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Particle – based composites

Composites that consist solely of particles of two or more different materials e.g. cermets and concrete

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deforming in timber due to uneven drying

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Laying up

The act of laminating, for example, glass fibre matt and coating it with polyester resin

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loosely woven fibres that make up the material once resins have been added

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a mixture of a metal and a ceramic

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Building up layers of materials e.g. plywood : also refers to a layer of plastic material er melamine formaldehyde over chipboard.

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