Complex Ions

Information cards, along with questions on naming complex ions.

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Naming Complex Ions

H20 is coded by Aqua
NH3 is coded by Ammine
OH is coded by Hydroxo
Cl is coded by Chloro
F is coded by Fluro
CN is coded by Cyano

Monodentate - One lone pair
Multidentate - Multiple lone pairs

Cationic - A positive oxidation number
Anionic - A negative oxidation number

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Naming Complex Ions

Hexaaquadichorochromium(III)+ Ions

Key points - Square bracets around the whole molecule
                  - Name alphabetically (Ammino, Aqua, Chloro)

Convert These..
1) Tetraamminodiaquazinc(II)+ Ion
2) Dicyanotetrafluromanganese(I)- Ion
3) Diaquadichlorotetrahydroxoiron(III)3+

1) [Co(H20)2(Cl2)2]2+
2) [V(NH3)4F2]3-
3) [Fe(OH)2Cl2F2]+

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Shapes of Complex Ions

Linear molecules have a coordination number of 2
Square Planar molecules have a coordination number of 4
Tetrahedral molecules have a coordination number of 4
Octahedral molecules have a coordination number of 6

Complex Ions have to be drawn in 3D
- Hatched wedge bonds go away from you
- Solid wedge bonds come towards you

- Creates 6 bonds
- 6 coordination number
- 6 Lone pairs

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Shapes of Complex Ions

4 coordinated complex ions, either;
      - Tetrahedral
      - Square Planer

- Two hatched wedge bonds
- One solid wedge bond
- One normal bond
- 4 lone pairs

Square Planer
- Two hatched wedge bonds
- Two solid wedge bonds
- 4 Lone pairs

Drug: Cisplaton (Cis isomerism) is an expample of square planer

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In octerhedral complex ions there can be cis or trans
Octerhedral consists of a tetra and a di.

- When the di molecules are opposite eachother
- Di at 90 degrees

- When the di molecules are not opposite eachother
- Di at 180 degrees

Square Planar can also be 90 or 180 for cis and trans.

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Multidentate Ligands

Bidentate Ligands have two lone pairs that bond with a central metal ion

1,2 - diamminoethane (NH2CH2CH2NH2)
Ethanedioate (C2O4)2-

3 Can bond to Octahedral Complex ions
Which will connect to all 6 lone pairs

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Key Words

Complex Ion
Square Planer
Lone Pair
Wedge Bonds
Coordinate Numbers

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