Benzene & Phenol

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  • Formula- C6H6.
  • Planar shape with 6 C-C bonds of equal length.
  • Overlap of p-orbitals- π bonds.
  • Delocalised π system.
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Evidence against the Kekule structure

  • All the C-C bonds are the same length.
  • Benzene doesnt readily undergo addition reactions (e.g. it doesn't decolourise bromine water).
  • The enthalpy of hydrogenation of benzene is lower than would be expected from the Kekule structure. This is because it is thermodynamically more stable due to the delocalised electrons.
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  • Aromatic alcohol.
  • An OH group is attached directly to a benzene ring.
  • Almost colourless crystalline solid.
  • It is synthesised via a multi-stage process.
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Reactions of phenol

  • It is a weak acid so it partially dissociates in water.
  • It can react with sodium hydroxide to form a salt.
  • It doesn't react with carbonates as it is not a strong enough acid.
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