Comparison multi store model and working memory model

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Difference in their views of short term memory

Multi-store model and working memory model differ in terms of how the view short term memory

The multi-store model shows that there is a unitary short term store that processes all the information. Sensory memory~ pay attention ~ STM~ rehearse it~ LTM

However the working memory has many short term stores that processes information differently as directed by the central executive

Therefore working memory model is more effective in explaining how memory works.

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Differ with regard to long term memory

Multi-store model and working memory model also differ with regard to the role of the LTM

The Multi-store model suggest that the relationship between STM and LTM is one way

Information travels to LTM is rehearsed

Whereas the working memory model suggests that previous experiences stored in LTM has an influence on STM

For example football fans are more likely to remember the score of s match then non football fans because football fans used their previous memory to recall the new information.

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Similar as they both have research evidence

Multi-store model and working memory model are similar as they both have research evidence from laboratory studies.

The multi store model is supported by glanzer and cunitz' study on the primacy effect

They showed that words at the beginning and the the end of the list are better recalled because the words at the beginning of the list have been stored in LTM and words at the end of the list and being processed in STM however the words in the middle of the list have jo where to go.

Similarity the working memory model is supported by baddeley 1975

Who found that average recall showed that shorter words were recalled better than long words this is because The capacity of the phonological loop is between 1.5 -2 seconds.

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Doesn't retrieval in the MSM (LTM TO STM) mean that it's not a one way system?

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