Communication in a business

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Any communication consists of five parts:

  • The senders
  • The messager
  • the medium
  • the receiver
  • and feedback from the receiver.

Communications may be internal. These take place within the organisation, either horizontally between two place at the same level of an organisation, or vertically between different layers.

Alternatively, communication may be external-with people or bodies outside the organisation. 

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What types of medium is used for communication?

The type of medium used with be both written and oral and will include:

  • Leaflets
  • catalogues
  • reports
  • press breifings
  • advertisements
  • formal documents
  • letters
  • meetings
  • emails
  • texts
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Formal communications

Formal communications have a set format and will be used for certain types of message. Examples of a formal letter of appointment or the agenda for a formal business meeting such as    the AGM.

There is usually a set format (e.g. the minutes of a meeting). 

The main type of formal documents are reports, letters, mermoranda (usualy reffered as 'memos') and pre-printed forms.

Some face-to-face oral communications will also take place accordinng to a set format-these include interviews ,meetings, staff reviews an disciplinary actions.

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ICT is vital to business

ICT is vital to business. It is used for all types of communication;. Internally, many communications are via email. Externally, ICT is used at the point where a customer comes into contact with a business. This ranges from the use of barcode scanners and itemised bills at chekouts to personalised text, emails and mailshots.

ICT also provides the business with records of what customers have bought snd can even update stock. It can improve customer service and provide extra services such as online odering and text updates.

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Informal communications

Informal communications can take place at any time, using any medium. Sometimes these can be more powerful than formal communications.

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