• Keeping cells active
  • Stimulus & response
  • Coordination
  • Cell signalling
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Why do multicellular organisms need to respond to

  • Changes may place stress on organism
  • Organism montiors changes
  • Organism makes behavioural and physiological changes to reduce stress
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Why are communication systems needed to coordinate

  • Cells monitoring blood some distance away from organs removing substances from blood
  • Communication system needed so different parts of body can work together effectively
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Define cell signalling.

  • Process that allows communication between cells
  • One cell releases chemical signal
  • Another cell detects signal
  • Cell then responds to received signal
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What's the difference between neuronal and hormona

  • Neuronal system network of neurones
  • Can conduct signal very quickly
  • Enables rapid response to stimuli
  • Short-term responses
  • Hormonal system transports signals in blood
  • Longer-term responses
  • Produced by certain organs
  • Recognised by target cells
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