Communication of a Buisness.

Comunication of a Buisness.

The communication of a buisness is when a company hierarchy wants to either internally relay a message to lower people on the buisness triangle or externally to the public.

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Internal Communication.

Internal Communication is when someone inside a buisness wants to relay something to another part of a company e.g. CEO sending a message to an employee through the branch manager or the employees manager.

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External Communication.

External Communication is when a person inside a company puts out a message or statement to the public or someone outside the company e.g. A branch manager asking a supplier for more stock.

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Websites can be used to convey a message to the public or local area as lots of people will see it.

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Mass Messages.

Companys like o2 and places you join the wifi at will send texts promoting an offer, this is for external communication.

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Meetings can be used for an owner or manager to tell a message to the people he is in control over in the buisness, or to a specific employee.

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Signs or Billboards can be used to send a message to the local area or passers by about a promotion or new item.

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