Common law courts

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Curia Regis

Curia Regise created Royal Courts to deal with particular types of ases in which royal justice was sought. They developed in the following order:

Court of Exchequer

Court of Common Pleas

Court of Kings Bench

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Court of Exchequer

  • Created by Henry I.
  • Concerned with financial and revenue matters such as dealing with disputes over taxation.
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Court of Common Pleas

  • Created by Henry III in answer to a promise to Magna Carta (1215) to have a fixed place of settlemtn of 'common pleas'.

  • Court dealt with civil disputes e.g. land.

  • Legal costs high so generally just wealthy landowners could afford to bring in actions.

  • Abolished by Judicature Acts 1873-75.
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Court of Kings Bench

  • Criminal and civil cases.

  • Could hear appeals from other courts.

  • Close connection with monarch: King.

  • In Judicature Acts this court's powers were transferred to Queen's Bench Division of the High Court.
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