collapse of the league

reasons for the collapse of the league

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reasons for the collapse

1. The USA, most powerful country never joined the league. As a result:

>the power of league was weakened 

>credibility of league was weakened 

2. Britain and France were leading countries in the league 

They were not prepared to sacrifice their own interest to support the league such as their politic interest e.g friendly relationship with Mussonlini and economic such as jobs and trade, as a result:

>league lacked EFFECTIVE membership

>the league lacked effective sanctions

>credibility of league weakened

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reasons for collapse 2

3. Decisions making in league was slow

>the assembly met infrequently (once a year)

>slow decision such as the lytton report that took a year 

as a result the league was unable to keep peace in the world because it was unable to operate quickly and effective 

4.Important countries such as britain and france unwilling to commit their armies to the league

as a result the league lacked force it needed to deal with troublesome countries.

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