Cold War - How did the USA react to the Cuban Revolution - Bay of Pigs

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Cold War - How did the USA react to the Cuban Revo

The Bay of Pigs Incident

Castro seized American businesses in Cuba and gave them to his supporters. America had to do something to keep the American exiles in America happy, to get back their business and show they could contain communism.

Kennedy decided to follow plans that were drawn up by Eisenhower and invade Cuba. Except he wanted it done secrectly. He didn't want people to know America was involved.

Kennedy supplied arms, equipment and transport for the 1,400 anti-Castro exiles to invade and overthrow Castro. 

They landed at the Bay of Pigs in 1961 and it bcame known as the Bay of Pigs Incident.

The exiles were met by 20,000 Cuban troops. The planes that were supposed to support the exiles didn't arrive. It was a disaster, Castro captured all of the exiles.

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