Cold War

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Origins of the Cold War

Ideological Gap

- Capitalism (West) - government with free elections

- Free industry and trade with concept of profit

- Communism (East) - one party dictatorship

- Both East and West feared the others policies and concepts

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Yalta Conference


FEB 1945

Who was present?

Churchill: Prime Minister of Britian

Stalin: Leader of USSR

Roosevelt: President of USA

What was agreed?

France would be regarded as one of the 4 superpowers. Germany and Berlin would be divided into 4 sectors for each of the superpowers. Poland was to get land from Germany. The USSR was to declare war on Japan. Stalin was to allow free elections in the Eastern Bloc Countries (these never happened). Germany was to pay $20 million in reparations to the Allies, mostly to Russia.

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Potsdam Conference

JULY 1945

Who was present?

Atlee: Britain's new labour prime minister (he wasn't interested in international politics)

Truman: Replaced Roosevelt as US President after Roosevelt's death

Stalin: The only remaining leader present at Yalta felt he could control the terms of this conference, however Truman was a strong anticommunist and didn't allow this

What was agreed?

German People to be re-educated. Austria to be divided into 4 zones (independance granted in 1955). USSR wanted full control of German industry- rejected by USA. USSR wanted land in Japan- rejected by USA.

Stalin Decided that he was going to have a "Buffer Zone" of "Friendly States" between him and Western Europe.

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Stalin summoned all international communist leaders to warsaw.

They created the cominform with Stalin in control, the purpose was to try and spread the commumist ideas to the world and to protect one another form capitalist invasion.

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Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan

MARCH 1947-1952

The Truman Doctrine was a speech made by president Truman declaring that any country who asked for financial or military assistance to suppress the communist purge would be given it by the USA.

It also stated that the USA from now on would play a major role in international politics.

The Marshall plan aimed to give financial assistance and recovery aid to those countries devastated by war.

Over $15 billion was given in aid to 16 countries including; Britian, France, West Germany, Italy and Greece.

This made the communist influence in these countries decrease.

After receiving aid, industry in Western Europe increased by 25%.

Stalin responded to this by creating his own communist version because he didn't want his satellite states to accept aid from the west, he blackmailed and intimidated leaders until they joined.

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