Cold war


The Truman doctrine 1947

  • Attempted to address the threat of communism
  • created following Truman's 1947 speech that gave support to Greece
  • Ensure freedom


  • It suggested that America, rather than the UN, had a responsibilty toprotect the world
  • don't want it to spread any further
  • Communism an attractive option in a struggling country/ economy
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Marshall plan 1947

  • America had a duel strategy
  • a $13 billion investment to try rebuild Europe
  • Weaken attraction to communism
  • Made them agree to trade (wants trade partners)
  • helped economy
  • 16 nations took the offer
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Cominform 1947

  • In order to extend his control Stalin set up cominform in 1947
  • It was an international organisation that represented communist parties across Europe and brought them under the control of the USSR
  • It was used in western countries to organise strikes and demonstrations against capitalism and in Eastern European countries to stamp out opposition to ensure loyalty
  • It was investigated and removed anyone who was not loyal to in Hungary 5%of population were in prison by 1953
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Comecon 1949

  • Council for mutual economic Assistance
  • In response to Marshall aid Stalin's answer was comecon
  • Comecon aimed to encourage economic development in Eastern Europe and prevent  trade with the west
  • This meant America's political influence was reduced and the economic benefits of recovery stayed in the soviet sphere of influence
  • Eastern Europe did not have access to the prosperity of the west
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Satellite states

  • A satellite state is a country that is officially independent, but inreality is controlled by another country
  • Between 1947 and 1949 the USSR extended its influnece over Eastern Europe, turning countries such as Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland into satellite states
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