Cold War

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What was the Cold War

  • USA vs USSR
  • Capitalism vs Communism
  • Avoiding direct conflict
  • Rivalry in ways such as spying, arms race and propaganda
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Causes of tension between East and West.

  • WW2
  • Stalin is paranoid because he wasn't told about the nuclear bomb and that it took so long for England and the US to actually do anything in the world war.
  • Stalin sees a power vacuum in Europe.
  • Rivalry in other ways such as; Arms race and propaganda.
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Yalta conference: Agreements

Between the big three; Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin

  • Germany would be divided into 4 zones
  • Agreed that they would punish the Nazi leaders 
  • Free elections in liberated countries.
  • Eastern Europe is Russias sphere of influence.
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Yalta conference: Disagreements

  • Can't hold free elections in a sphere of influence.
  • Poland 

-Stalin wants land from it  -England went to war to protect Poland  -Poland hates communists

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Potsdam conference: Agreements

  • New borders for Germany and Poland
  • Trails held for high ranking Nazis - Nuremberg trials. 
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Potsdam conference: disagreements

  • How far Germany should be weakened
  • How much reparation payments should go to Russia from Germany
  • Stalin has too much control over Eastern Europe
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Stalin's tactics in controlling Eastern Europe

  • Running coalition governments with an imbalance of power.
  • Rigged elections
  • Red army 
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Iron Curtain speech

  • 1946 in USA, Fulton
  • Made by Churchill
  • Truman approves of the speech 
  • Says that eastern Europe is soviet dominated
  • Says that the people behind the iron curtain are not free
  • Stalin is furious and says that it's unfair 
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Truman Doctrine

  • 1947
  • The USA says they will give aid and military support to any country in Europe that needs it.
  • Formed to stop the spread of communism - linked closely with the idea of Containment 
  • Stalin sees it as a threat to Russia
  • Triggered by the Civil war in Greece
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Marshall aid : Why

Marshall sees poverty in Europe and wants to help it for three reasons

Political - to stop the spread of communism.

Moral - to help out an ally.

Economical - to boost US trade.

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Marshall aid : what was it and what were the react

$17 billion in aid to be sent to Europe.

Stalin didn't like it and referred to it as dollar imperialism

US congress was wary because it was such a large sum of money

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Berlin 1948-1949

  • Run by 4 powers
  • Split into 4 zones, France, USA, Britain and Russia
  • Western zone got lots of Marshall aid which was used as propaganda.
  • Full of spies.
  • USA introduced new currency (Deutschmark) - angers USSR
  • USSR tries to blockade west
  • USA conducts berlin airlift - great propaganda.
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