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Studies/Theories for Cognitive Psy

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Atkinson & Shiffrin (1968)

Multi-store model:

  • Proposed a model of memory that explained 2 apsects of the memory system
  • Suggest that there are 2 different stores known as 'control processes' through which info passes
  • at each of these stages info can be lost (forgotten)
  • each of these stores is proposed by a separate system (encoding, duration, capacity)
  • encoding = form of representation used
  • duration = how long an item lasts in the store
  • capacity = how much info can be held in the store at 1 time
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Sperling (1960)

STSS duration & capacity (ICONIC STORE)

  • Lab experiment
  • Tested the two characteristics of stss
  • Pps were told that they would see a matrix of 12 letters in 3 rows briefly
  • Pps were then immediately asked to recall the matrix
  • They could remember on average 4 letters
  • However when asked to recall a certain row they could recall more (3 letters average)
  • Suggests that as soon as the matrix disappeared pps had a clear memory of image but forgot by the time they got to the 4th letter
  • Shows that duration of iconic store is in region of 0.5 seconds
  • Shows although capacity of stss is small it can hold at least 12 pieces of info
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