Cognitive Psychology - Loftus and Palmer PY2 - Aims, Context and Procedures

Key studie for PY2

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Loftus and Palmer - accuracy of memory with leading questions

1st Experiment

- See if estimates were influenced by verbs

2nd Experiment

- Do leading questions bias a persons response or alter memory?

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Context - Leading Questions

When Eyewitnesses give evidence in court, they must take an oath.

However, they could be misleaded by leading questions.

When asked questions by officials, leading questions suggest what answer is desired

eg - The car was red, wasnt it?

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Context - Previous Research

Marshall 1969

-Air Personnel

- Car travelling at 12mph

- Ranged from 10-50mph 

-Phrasing of the question

Filmore 1971

-smashed and hit

-different consequences to the impacts to what they are referring

-hit being 'gentler' then smashed

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Procedures- Experiment 1

Experiment 1 - Independent measures design.

- 45 American Students

 -Seven films shown ranging from 5 - 30 seconds

-Recieved a questionnaire

-Divided into 5 groups of 9 participants

5 Critical questions changing the verb (IV)

- Hit, Smashed, Collided, Bumped and Contacted

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Procedures- Experiment 2

Experiment 2 - Independent measures design

150 different students

50 participants were asked how fast the car was going when they smashed into each other

50 participants were asked how fast the car was going when they hit into each other?

50 participants were in a control group and were not asked any question.

1 week later, participants returned and answered various questions

- Critical question - was there any broken glass?

There was no broken glass

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