Cognitive Explanations research

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Cognitive Explanations Research

-Liddle and Morris (91)... people with schiz perform poorly in the Stroop Test as they want to read what the word is saying and cannot decide which piece of info to pay attention to.

-Frith (70)... schiz and non schiz had to guess what colour would come out the bag next (red or black). Schiz would either say BBBBBB, RRRRRR, RBRBRBR. Whereas non schiz would be more random. Schiz have issues with spontaneous actions supporting central control.

-Bentall et al (91)... schiz struggle to identify words belonging to a category they have seen before, imagined or never seen. Supporting metarepresentation issues.

-Hemsley (96)... cognitive models allow schiz to be linked to neural bases meaning treatment is easier to construct.

-Kane and Lenxz (08)... inclusion of cognitive impairment in diagnosis criteria would validity of improve diagnosis and treatment by using cognitive as the primary goal.

-Garety et al (01)... schiz best understood linking biological and psychological explanations with cognitive as the main link.

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