Cognitive Explanations

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Cognitive Explanations

-faulty thinking (maladaptive) linked to hallucinations and disordered thinking.

-Attention= schiz cannot filter out irrelevant information so become overloaded as they don't know what to pay attention to. Experience a diff sensory world to anyone else.

-Frith (92) issues with meta-representation (ability to reflect on thoughts and past experiences) and central control (suspend automatic responses and perform actions based on conscious intent). +ve symptoms linked to meta-representation (issues to tell the difference between external speech and internal thoughts). -ve symptoms linked to central control (can't tell what is behaviour of conscious intent and what is automatic).

-Hemsley (93) stored info is used to create schemas but those with schiz cannot activate these so cannot use them to deal with current situations due to cognitive processing. Sensory overload... attend or ignore... attend to all... delusional thinking... thought to have arisen externally.

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