Cognitive : Week 1: Introduction


Information Processing Approach

Information Processing Approach is achieved via serial processing. And is also an example of a Bottom-up Approach.

Serial Processing: Previous step must be achieved beforehand.

1) Input/ Stimulus 

2) Attention and Perception

3) Thoughts and Decisions

4) Response Output

(Input > Assimilation > Adoption + Accomodation > Output)

It would only be a Top-down Approach, if the process is influenced by the individuals previous experience. 

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Key terms

Cognitive Psychology: Aiming to understand human cognition by observing the behaviour of people performing various cognitive tasks.

Cognitive Neuroscience: Using informaiton about behaviour and the brain to understand human cognition.

Bottom-up Processing: Processing that is directly influenced by environmental stimuli. (serial processing)

Serial Processing: One process is completed before the next one starts.

Parallel Processing: Processing in which two or more cognitive processors occur at the same time.

Top-down Processing: Stimlus processing that is influenced by factors such as an individuals past experiences.

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