coasts case study: management- Norfolk coast

case study notes on mangement at the norfolk coast

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  • eroded at a rate of 40 feet a year
  • land is a drained salt marsh- only a few feet above sea level
  • destructive waves from North sea
  • soft clay cliff
  • old coastal defences
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  • shoreline management plan- holding the line- stopping erosion or advancing the line- take the coastline forward (artifical reef)
  • hard engineering- artifical structures- sea wall, rock aromour, groynes
  • soft engineering- beach replenishment, marsh creation
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stratgies along Norfolk coast

  • Happisburgh- rock armour built in 2002 which reduced erosion

                   - 2006 shoreline management plan said protectio wasn't needed anymore- erosion could increase- angered locals

                  - 2007 rock armour extended due to public appeal

  • Eccles- groynes built stopped long shore drift here but increased erosion at sea palling
  • sea palling- erosion increased due to groynes at eccles

                 - offshore bars built (advancing the line)- reduced erosion

  • waxham- beach replenishment, as artifical bars at sea palling starved waxham beaches of sediment 
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