coasts case study: effects of sea level change- South East England

the enviromental, social and economic effects of sea level rise in the south east of england

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  • 2% of essex's saltmarsh lost by 2050
  • most vunurable areas include the wash, norfolk coasts, teeside
  • sea water contaiminate fresh water aquafiers- less drinking water
  • low lying salt marshes damaged- killing millions species of plants and animals
  • landslides more common
  • more coastal erosion
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  • major landmarks such as the houses of parilment lost
  • lack of farmland cause food shortage in the UK
  • unemployment in Norfolk due to bankrupt farmers
  • ports and dockland have to redesigned or relocated
  • 400 schools in Thames floodzone
  • 70 tube stations in Thames floodzone
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  • billions spent on redirecting transport links
  • coastal defences for south england coast ost £5 billion
  • income from tourism lost- east anglia generate £15 million from tourism and this could be lost
  • 57% of the most agriculturally productive land lost
  • flood prevention can cause problems in other areas meaning even more has to be spent on coastal defences
  • 1.5 million work in Thames floodzone
  • financial districts such as canary wharf and city of London flooded
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