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Optional Topic - Coasts

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Backshore: is the area between the high water mark and the landward limit of marine activity. Changes normally take place here only during storm activity.

Foreshore: is the area lying between the HWM and the LWM. It is the most important zone for marine processes in times that are not influenced by storm activity.

Inshore: is the area between the LWM and the point where the waves cease to have any influence on the land beneath them.

Offshore: is the area beyond the point where waves ceasev to impact upon the sea bed in which activity is limited to deposition of sediments.

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Factors which determine the shape, form and appear

  • Wave size, frequency, type, energy produced and direction
  • Local sea currents
  • Longshore Drist
  • Tides
  • Depth of water offshore
  • Type and amount of sediments offshore
  • Rock type and structure
  • Sub-aerial Processes (run-off, weathering)
  • Land-based agents of erosion (rivers, glaciers)
  • Climate
  • Weather
  • Fetch
  • Long-term sea level change
  • Human activity
  • Coastal Ecosystems ( san dunes, salt marshes)
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