Coastal Management Case Study - Geography GCSE

Case study of Coastal defence at Minehead

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Location: North coast of Somerset

About: One of the regions most popular tourist resorts
- Home to a large Butlin's Resort -visited by thousands of tourists a year

Backround information:

  • In the 1990's it became clear that the current sea defences would be inadequate
  • Damage was estimated at £21million if nothing was done
  • Work started in 1997 and finished in 2001
  • In total, it cost £12.3million
    -Overall, it meant a large amount of money was saved from potential losses
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Features of the Scheme

  • A 0.6m high sea wall
    -with a curved front to deflect waves
    -with a curved top to deter people from walking on it
    -the landward side was covered in attractive, local red sandstone
  • Rock armour was placed at the base of the wall
    -to dissipate the wave energy
  • Beach nourishment
    -built up beach 2m in height
    -waves break further out to sea - so less erosive
    -good for tourists 
  • 4 Rock groynes
    -to retain the beach and prevent longshore drift
  • A wide walkway with seating areas alongside the wall 
    -popular with tourists 
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