Coastal Zone case studies

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East Anglia


  • Thames Barrier protetcs buildings worth up to £80 billion
  • Barrier needs to be replaced in the next 30 to 50 years
  • Sea level rise will cause Thames estuary to be at risk of flooding, affecting housing, industry and farmland
  • Erosion rates increase which threatens coastal settlements like Overstrand and Happisburgh
  • Current sea level defences need stregnthening-costing thousands
  • Norfolk Broads is a popular tourist destination worth £5 million to the local economy-is at risk of flooding and if flooded, will lose this massive chunk of the economy 
  • Valuable agricultural land (the Fens) is at great risk of flooding 


  • 1953 Floods of East Anglia saw 300 people killed and now people are worried of a reoccurance
  • Sea level rise means more coastal erosion so settlements are threatened 
  • Valuable agricultural land owned by local farmers are at threat, risking people's livelihoods
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East Anglia


  • Low-lying mudflats in Essex are particularly vulnerable to sea-level rise
  • Areas of salt marsh being squeezed between sea walls and rising sea levels
  • Some 22% of East Anglia's salt marsh could be lost by 2050
  • Managed retreat is being done in some places-breaching sea walls to allow some areas to be flooded to help ease sea level rise

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Barton on Sea-coastal management

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Holderness-managing the coast

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