Coalition Measures and Reforms from 2010 Onwards

Reform of ASBOs

  • Coalition was critical of ASBOs 
  • Previous governments have failed with many offenders removign their tags
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Criminal Behaviour Orders

  • Introduced in 2014 
  • Can ban individuals from certain areas and inforce curfews
  • Courts can add positive reinforcements such as community payback
  • Given to anyone aged 10+
  • Given for the most serious anti-social behaiour. 
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Crime Prevention Injunctions

  • Introduced in 2014
  • Given for low level, nuisance offences. 
  • A civil order.
  • Involves curfews and banning from areas.
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Community Triggers

  • Introduced in 2014
  • If 5 people complain about the same perosn the council have to take action,
  • Action could be a range of sanctions suggested by the council in partnership with the police. 
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Protection of Freedoms Bill 2011

  • Introduced to replace the old system of storing DNA indefinately by the police.
  • The new system ensured that DNA records wered destroyed if the suspect was not convicted. 
  • DNA will be held for 3 years with a possible 2 year extension should they be convicted. 
  • Still considered as going 'too far'. 
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Detention Without Charge

  • Introduced to replace the old system of suspects being held for a maximum of 28 dys without charge. 
  • The new system was permanently reduced to 14 days.
  • Has been welcomed by civil liberties groups but they argue it should still go further. 
  • Authoritarians criticise it for not being harsh enough.
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  • Introduced to replace the old system of automatic number plate recognition on cameras that arent subject to any specific regulations. 
  • The new system meant that the government promised to further regulate CCTV. 
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Introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners

  • Introduced in November 2012
  • Responsible for apponting the chief constable within their force.
  • Set out local policing priorities.
  • Report annually on progress and setting out the force budget and communtiy safety grants. 
  • Hold police forces to account.
  • Gives local people more of a voice. 
  • Improves the relationship between the community and the police.
  • How successful:
    • only 14% turnout in election - questionable legitimacy
    • Lack of accountability as the public cannot hold them to acocunt
    • Could lead to politicisation od the police. 
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Coalition Policies on Policing

  • Directly elected police comissioners - labelled as too costly.
  • 20% cuts to police budgets by 2015 - said to be 28000 jobs lost, Labour argues too much too fast. 
  • 2 year pay freeze and suspension of bonsues for cheif officers. 
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