Cloning Plants and Animals

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Tissue Culture

  • Tissue is scraped from parent plant onto agar/nutrient jelly and each tissue grows similar cells. You end up with many plants that are exactly the same.
  • It has the same genetic make up as the parent plant
  • This is used comercially to grow lots of plants quickly
  • This technique would be quite effective as many are the same but all be genetically identical.
  • Adv: Large number of identical plants can be grown quickly
  • Adv:Only one parent
  • Dis:Genetically Identical / No variation is species
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Cuttings From Plants

  • Cut a part from another plant and plant it again into a new pot.
  • Adv:Cheap , easy and effective
  • Dis: Might not grow or it takes the cuttings tim to grow
  • Dis: Exact copy of the parent plant
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  • When new growth happens on a plant from the original plant; for exaple Strawberries
  • Dis: Genetically the Same as each other and original
  • Adv: Only needs one parent plant
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Embryo Cloning

  • An embryo is the product of sexual reproduction
  • Genetically the offspring are different to the parents
  • Surrogate Mother supplies uterus
  • All Offspring are genetically identical
  • Adv: If the mother phyisically can't carry the child she can still have a baby that is biologically hers
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Adult Cell Cloning

Method using Sheep

  • First take a body cell from one sheep and remove the Nucleus (Sheep A)
  • Then take an ovum from another sheep and remove the nucleus but keep the shell (Sheep B)
  • If you then give them an electric shock to fuse the cells and start the cell division
  • This embryo is placed into a surrogate mother sheep for it to develop (Sheep C)
  • When the lamb is born it will look exactly like Sheep A


  • The cell taken from Sheep A will contain the genetic information needed for the lamb
  • The ovum from Sheep B willl provide the suitable casing for the new nucleus
  • Sheep C will have been chosen for it's ability to bare live and healthy young
  • The first ever adult cell cloned animal was Dolly the Sheep born in 1997
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