Cloning and Asexual reproduction

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  • The process of cloning is used to make copies of animal and plants.
  • The copy is called clones. Clones are genetically identical to their original parent.

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Asexual reproduction




When cloning involves only one parent for the reproduction is called ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION.

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Natural clones

When clones are produced naturally and are genetically identical organisms...


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Cloning cows




  • When farmers have a cow with lots of good characteristics; he is likely to want to produce as many offspring's with the mother as possible. 
  • Therefore, they use surrogate mothers to carry the clones and he gets more calves in a year as a cow produces a calf a year. This is called embryo transplantation.
  • Artificially insemination- When the fertilized egg divides into an eight- cell embryo. It is collected into four two- cell embryo.
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Embryo transplantation

  • Sperm is collected from the bull.
  • A cow is artificially inseminated with a sperm.
  • Each embryo is then implanted at surrogate mothers...
  • The cows will be identical to each other but not to their parent.
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Nuclear transfer

Moving the nucleus from one cell into another cell which has had its nucleus removed.


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Nuclear transfer (

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