Clinical characteristics (CC) of Schizophrenia

DSM V classification system

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Clinical characteristics (CC) of Schizophrenia

Diagnose mental illness using classification system DSM V.

Agreed symptoms in one place INCREASE RELIABILITY DECREASE SUBJECTIVITY. DSM V distinguishes btw +ve & -ve symptoms. Person diagnosed in (4 stages) usin DSM V.

(1)SYMPTOMS 2 or more 1 from 1-3. 1.Delusions 2.Hallucinations 3.Disorganised speech 4.Catatonic Behaviour 5.Negative symptoms

(2) AREAS AFFECTED work, relationship or self care

(3) DURATION continuous signs of disturbance for 6 mnths with 1 mnth of continuous symptoms

(4) RULE OUT OTHER DISORDERS like psychotic featured disorders eg mood disorder and schizoaffective disorder rule these out b4 diagnosis made OR KNOWN CAUSES won't be diagnosed if symptoms cuz of drug use or a med condition. Once patient diagnosed they r put into a category depending on dominant symptom. PARANOID, DISORGANISED, CATATONIC, UNDIFFERENTIATED or RESIDUAL

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Types of schizophrenia


PARANOID SCHIZO delusions and hallucinations

DISORGANISED SCHIZO disorganised speech, behaviour, flattened or inappropriate affect

CATATONIC SCHIZO motor disturbances

UNDIFFERENTIATED SCHIZO symptoms don't fit in above 3

RESIDUAL SCHIZO continued evidence of disorder but none of the active symptoms of paranoid, disorganised or catatonic.

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