Climate Change Key Words

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the rise of the sea in relation to the land.

Caused by:

- ice melt

- thermal expansion

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the rise/fall of land in comparison to the sea.

Caused by:

- ice sheets covering parts of countries in the ice age.

e.g: Scotland and N. England being covered and S. England not covered in the last ice age

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the way in which climate change and over-grazing turn previously fertile land into desert. 

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Food security

extent to which a country can rely upon food supplies, e.g., upon the weather, or, if unable to grow all its food, the extent to which it can pay for imports to feed itself. 

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Debt crisis

where many African countries have become so heavily indebted that repayments sometimes exceed their GNP.

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Cash crops

those crops sold for income, rather than one’s own food supply.

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Positive Ice Albedo Feedback

This is the loop in which ice is melted, and the area of open sea increases. Oceans are darker than ice and snow, so they absorb more energy, which is turned into heat. This creates a loop where the heat speeds up the melting process, melting more ice and so on.

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Tree Line

The edge of the habitat within which trees will grow. 

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Tundra ecosystems are ecosystems in Arctic areas which can withstand extreme cold.

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Permanently frozen ground, often a carbon sink.

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Boreal Forest (Taiga)

It is a kind of forest usually found across Canada's north. It has coniferous trees, lichen, mosses and bushes. They account for up to 37% of the world’s carbon pool on land.

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Negative multiplier effect

A negative multiplier effect is the opposite of the multiplier effect. Warmer water causes a reduction in the species of smaller fish, which in turn affects higher up the food chain.

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trying to prevent or slow down Global Warming using policies.

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learn to live with Global Warming such as using solutions for problems - Giant solar panel on the Sahara etc – adapting to a new climate.

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